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Hello, my name is David Sanborn, and I am a photographer, filmmaker and journalist covering college and professional sports, United States presidential elections, cultural events and human interest stories on a wide range of diverse and unique topics.

For the last decade, I have made pictures across the United States and internationally. I spend much of my time photographing events, news and day to day life in California and the western United States.


A "highlight reel" if you will of past and current projects I have had the pleaseure of working on.

  • Freelance Photographer
  • Work published by PBS, Sacramento Bee, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Ventura County Star and more
  • Photographer @ Sierra College
  • Photographer @ American River College
  • Photographer @ CCCAA
  • Website Design @ Sierra College
  • Graphic Design @ Random House
  • BA in Digital Media @ California State University, Sacramento
  • AA in Multimedia and Social Science @ Sierra College
David Sanborn photographing a 2019 basketball game at Sierra College in Rocklin, California.